Standard Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions fully as your acceptance of these terms will create a binding and enforceable contract document between you and the Blue Grass Sportsmen's League (BGSL).  Acceptance of these terms and conditions are required to acquire a membership agreement and/or to participate in the activities and resources of the BGSL properties, events, and other membership benefits.  Memberships may be granted, revoked, or otherwise limited at the sole discretion of the BGSL operations staff or the BGSL Board of Directors (BOD).

BGSL is a membership club and requires submission of  non-refundable annual dues, recurring charges and payments, for continued use of the membership.  In addition, a one-time non-refundable initiation fee will be imposed for the application for membership.  As a part of the consideration of membership, you will agree to pay for a full year period, with payment of the current dues structure for one year.  If payments are scheduled with partial payments throughout the year, it is understood that the remaining payments will still be due for the remaining period of membership.  BGSL is entitled to recover its costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees and collection agency fees, incurred in collecting sums due BGSL under this or other membership provisions.  No trial membership period or refund of partial dues will be considered.  Changes in the dues structure or membership fees may be reviewed and adjusted by BGSL per the BGSL constitution and by-laws.

 As a member, you authorize BGSL, banking establishments used by BGSL, and/or third party payment processors employed by BGSL, to process payments against your payment method chosen.  These charges will include, but not be limited to a) initiation fees; b) recurring or one-time membership fees; 3) or any additional retail purchases transacted on your behalf.  You may cancel any recurring charges scheduled with our payment processor, but that will not eliminate your liability to the BGSL for any and all charges incurred.

Members and guests may select one of the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover,  checking account, or cash.  Some transactions may have convenience fees added to the cost of the processing or service.  A $25.00 fee will be assessed for any payment or automatic debit that is failed for insufficient funds. 

After payment is received, new members will need to schedule and complete a new member orientation before being considered a member in good standing and receiving a membership card.  You may not use the ranges at BGSL or fish or hunt at BGSL until you complete the new member orientation.  New members should contact the office (859-858-4060) as quickly as possible to find the next available new member orientation and reserve a spot in one.  

All BGSL members, guests, and other facility or event participants shall obey all posted and/or verbal rules or instructions.  Safety briefings or materials may be required before shooting on BGSL ranges, hunting on BGSL premises, hiking on BGSL grounds, or any other use of BGSL property.  Any violation of these rules may result in the member and/or guest to be removed from the premises and to be reported to the BGSL BOD.  Members are responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests.  Members and their guests agree to hold BGSL harmless for any accident or injury.  BGSL membership cards are required to be worn above the waist in a conspicuous manner when on BGSL property.  Photo IDs will be required to prove identity.

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