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BGSL First Time Users Guide

Welcome to the Blue Grass Sportsmen's League (BGSL) membership portal. This guide will help you to initiate a new membership and maintain your existing membership information.

You can join BGSL using credit card payment options for recurring monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or yearly memberships. Please note that all standard memberships are annual (yearly) and you will commit your membership to payments for the entire year.

Section 1 - New Membership

To join BGSL using the electronic membership application, go to the initial page of the membership portal, http://members.bgslinc.com, and select Membership from the left menu, then Application from the drop down menu.

Select the membership level desired. The membership levels are listed, along with the cost of that level. The charges include the credit card courtesy and handling fees. Then select "Next"

You will need to fill in the personal information (your profile) requested on this application form. Lines indicated with the red dot are required fields. Your membership within this portal is identified by your e-mail address and password, so entering of your e-mail address is mandatory. You will also need to select and enter a password for this portal. This does not need to be (and actually should not be) the same as other passwords you use. You will need to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of your membership agreement with BGSL.

You must enter emergency contact information for someone you would want contacted, should it be needed.

If you or your spouse are a first responder or are in the military, please select the applicable information. Select the applicable "one time fees" - initiation fees and gate card fees. If you are exempt from any of these fees, you must contact the BGSL Office, present credentials or documentation justifying the non-payment of fees, and receive a refund on those fees.

The security code requested is a check to make sure a person is submitting the application, not a "web robot program."

You will need to select your payment method which will be with recurring charges on your credit card. You will see the amount consisting of the fees for that membership level and the Extras fees. Please note that the extras fees are one time fees and will not be added to subsequent payments. Select your select credit card (Amex is not supported) and press Next. you will be directed to our credit card portal which will take your credit card information.

Section 2 - Already a Member and First Time Logging In.

Remember that I said that you need an e-mail address and password to access your profile information. If you don't know your e-mail address or don't know the password, you will have to follow one of the next procedures.

Section 2.1 - Do Not Know Password.

If you know your e-mail address, but don't know your password, you may request a password change on the membership portal page to allow you to change or reinitialize your password. Go to the initial membership page at http://members.bgslinc.com If you haven't logged in before, your account will be protected by a temporary random password. You will need to request a new password. On the left menu, you will find a field for your e-mail address and password. Type in your e-mail address, then select "Forgot password." An e-mail message will be sent to the e-mail address entered with a link for changing your password. If you got this message, but did not request the password change, or do not want to change it, just do nothing and your password will not be changed. Or you can follow the link to change your password.

Section 2.2 - Do Not Know E-mail Address

When you go into the change password routine above, and get a message that your e-mail address is not found, it means that you changed your address, or did not supply your current e-mail address to the BGSL office, and a temporary e-mail address was used for your account. You will need to contact the BGSL office to get your e-mail address changed.

Section 3 - Change to a new membership level or Payment frequency

The payment frequency (annual, monthly, etc) is built into the membership level. To change to a different payment option, you must change your membership level. Please note that when you change your membership level, your renewal date will be reset based on the current date, not the previous renewal date. For example, if you change to a quarterly payment, your new renewal date will change to three months from now. If you still had 6 months for your renewal date, that will be reset to 3 months. You will not be credited for renewal time remaining. So the best option is to wait until your expiration date draws near, and then change your membership level.

To get to the change membership level, log in with your e-mail and password, then select “view profile.” If you are already using recurring payments, you will get a dialog that “Automatic recurring payments are activated” and you will need to “stop the recurring payments”. You may then change your membership level. Make sure that you select the new membership level, and specify that you already have paid the initiation fees and gate card, if applicable. You will be routed to the credit card gateway where you will re-establish your recurring payments for the new amounts.

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