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Military Service Policy
The BGSL Membership Committee would like to thank the many men and women serving their country as part of the United States Armed Foces.  We appreciate the risks you take to ensure our freedom, and the applaud the sacrafise you make to defend this country.

It will be the standing policy of the Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League to support our U.S. Military troops while deployed on active duty away from their homes in central Kentucky.  As such, membership dues will be frozen the month of departure and resume the month when they change station back home. Membership for those family members left at home will continue uninterrupted during the deployment.

The membership dues freeze privilige will cover all branches of the military to include National Guard and all reserve personnel whether deployed overseas or on garrison mission’s here in America outside of the state of Kentucky.  Affected members need only to present a copy of deployment orders to the BGSL main office prior to their movement and dues will be frozen for the period of service.

Upon return, present the orders for return and the time period served will be added to the existing membership term.  Leave and Liberty time will not affect the time period.  In order to protect our tropps, all member deployment and movement information will be kept sealed and protected at all times.  If deployment information cannot be provided, an official letter will need to be sent on the member's behalf to start the process and the period will be worked out upon return.

Support Out Troops

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